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On Nov. 30, the Swiss will vote on whether or not to return to a modified version of what is known as the “gold standard”: In its simplest terms, the gold standard is the idea that a nation’s money supply should be tied to gold, rather than being fully controlled by its central bank.

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"In the past, equity fund managers would spend an awful lotof time on portfolio construction and on stock selection (but)they were not paying sufficient attention to ways in which moneymight have been lost on the FX side," said Michael Sparkes,director of analytical products and research at broker ITG.

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America, Emerson had urged, needed to favor not just "high thinking," but also "plain living." Black Friday, and the underlying disease of which it is merely a prominent expression, represent a grotesquely stark refutation of such sound advice.

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"It just looks like any other weekend," said Angela Olivera, a 32-year-old housewife shopping for children's clothing at the Westfarms Mall near Hartford, Connecticut. "The kind of crowds we usually see are missing and this is one of the biggest malls here. I think people are just not spending a lot."

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"When you hit a roadblock, you feel it," the official said, describing the negotiations as a "rollercoaster" and how people on both sides comforted each other "del dary" - a Farsi term that can be loosely translated as "heart-to-heart".

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In addition to the overall decline in adult smokers, those who continue to smoke daily are cutting back, the CDC study found. U.S. smokers consumed an average of 14.2 cigarettes per day in 2013, down from 16.7 in 2005.

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Men were found to be more than twice as likely to drive after drinking or taking drugs as women, while drivers aged between 20 and 24 were most likely to commit the offence, with 2.5 convictions per 1,000 motorists.

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Seven years on and besides moving house, life has not changed much for Haja. "I look after my grandchildren while my daughter looks for casual work in the town - washing dishes or ironing clothes," she says. Horan is now attending a Koranic school. The older grandchildren go to other schools in the camps. There is now a whole generation of children who have known nothing except camp life.

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"This really has very little to do with Mike's play," Mornhinweg said. "Mike's played pretty well, in the Pittsburgh game, he's done some very, very good things for us” we had to make a big run to get (the postseason) done and we weren't' able to get it done. If we were able to accomplish that I'd suspect Mike would continue (as the quarterback). If we weren't able to accomplish that, at some point now we'll get Geno restarted.

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He described a “window of willingness” after an event such as a minor overdose. “If someone can be encouraged to go into residential treatment at that time, then there is a likelihood that it will have a longer lasting effect than if they go to outpatient treatment.”

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Cameron hopes his speech will appease some of his more right-wing lawmakers and woo disgruntled voters who have switched their allegiance to UKIP, which wants to sharply curb immigration and leave the EU.

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Sherman set up the only touchdown with another key defensive play in this heated rivalry, then made a second interception with the 49ers driving late, and the Seahawks ended a five-game losing streak on San Francisco's home field with a 19-3 win Thursday night.

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In a filing to the stock exchange, Malaysian Airline SystemBhd (MAS) said its third-quarter net loss widened to576.1 million ringgit ($170.39 million) from 375.4 millionringgit in the same period a year earlier. This is the worstquarterly loss for the airline since October-December 2011.

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While the Yankees have defensive specialist Brendan Ryan on the roster, they could continue to scour the trade market for a shortstop. Stephen Drew, Asdrubal Cabrera and Jed Lowrie are among those available on the free agent market.

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Though I am confident this phenomenon is likely torepeat itself, I find it difficult to assess the intrinsic value of suchnonproductive assets that cannot generate cash. Rather, it is a game of buyingsomething you hope someone else will pay a higher price for down the road, also known as speculation. Incorporating an additional component with superior attributes tothe portfolio is the only way to add value.

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Einhorn’s fund has returned 4.9 percent this year through October, compared with a 13 percent gain by the benchmark Standard & Poor's 500 Index. Similarly, he trailed the S&P 500 by 13 percentage points in 2013 and by 8 percentage points in 2012.

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